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The "Internet + drug company" has reached an inflection point. What do you think?

It is understood that after the "Internet +" action plan was first proposed in the 2015 government work report, "Internet + traditional industries" has received extensive attention. With the deepening
of the “Internet Plus”, in addition to hospitals, doctors, and pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies have more abundant and diverse channels for drug marketing.
In the “Internet + pharmacy” area, at the beginning of 2017, the General Office of the State Council issued the “Several Opinions on Further Reforming and Perfecting the Drug Product
ion, Circulation, and Use Policy”, and called for guiding the “Internet+pharmaceutical Circulation” to develop in a standard manner and supporting the cooperation between drug distri
bution companies and Internet companies. We will promote the integration of online and offline development and cultivate new business models.
With the "Internet Plus" model, consumers can get feedback on products in the shortest distance and fastest way. And through the traceability of barcodes, it becomes an authoritative and efficient pat

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