Arctiin 20%.30%.95%; Burdock seed extract; Arctiin powder

Arctiin 30%

Arctiin 30%


This is the description of Arctiin 30%

1.Product Description

Product name:Burdock P.E
Plant origin and Distribution:Arctium lappa (L.)
Part of Used:Root
Active Ingredients:arctiin
Specs Available: 20%,30%,95%
Appearance:brown-yellow powder

2.Main Function:
Burdock extract is well known as useful agent in many topical applications. Its active substances act effectively in cases of ichtyosis, psoriasis, and seborrhoe of the head skin. Therefore, the Burd


ock extract is suitable especially for hair cosmetics like shampoos and balms and activators of hair grow. It can be successfuly applied in case of problematic skin affected by acne, ulcers and/or inf

3.Great Burdock Achene planting baseRaw Material SourcingThe company 

has 1,000

 acres of large-scale, standardization of Great Burdock Achene base,and adheres to strict quality standards and is dedicated to the persistent utilization, conservation and development of botanical raw material resources and advocates organic standards in cultivation.

3.Packaging&Storage conditionPacking:

 1/kg double layer plastic bags inside and aluminum foil bag outside; 25/kg paper drum and two plastic bags inside.Storage:

 Store in cool & dry place, keep away from strong light and heat.

Shelf life:

 24Months when properly stored.

4.Shipping & Delivery

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